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This Necklace range known as Aphrodite's Whisper, has a secret or two.

The pendant has a mini magnification lens that if held on the right angle reveals its first secret, A message of your love and even a picture of your choosing. This is all made possible by use of nano printing technology. You can choose whatever message and picture you want. 

This message and picture is not known to anyone other than the wearer, and it gets even better. Aphrodite's 2nd secret is only made visible when you shine a light though the back of the pendant and like magic the words and picture will shine outward like a projector making everything that was secret now reveal itself shining on the wall you aim the pendant at.

Love is magical, now you can show that magic to others or keep its secrets.

This item is perfect for Wedding gifts, Engagements, Valentines, Remembrance, Mother's day. Aphrodite's Desire Divine Jewels would make a fantastic heirloom to carry message's through the ages.

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